Online Ticket Cancellation and Refund Transactions:

You can perform the ticket cancellation and refund transactions online using PNR no. and surname information.

You can select the product you want to take action.

I want to cancel my ticket.

Click on the ‘Ticket Cancellation’ tab.

Enter your PNR No that we have forwarded to you at the time of purchase and your Surname in the PNR No field and view your ticket.

You will be presented with options to cancel the ticket.

After you press the ‘’Cancel’’ button, the refund amount will be shown to you.

Monetary refunds of tickets issued as company invoices are made after the invoice refund procedures are completed. You can send your refund invoice to our accounting department via the e-mail address

When will I be refunded for my cancelled ticket?

The refund of your cancelled ticket will be sent to the bank on the same day by us and will be made by the bank.


Transactions requiring a refund may vary between 3 (three) business days and 7 (seven) business days, depending on the bank of your credit card.


The refund period of transactions made with debit cards may vary according to the refund procedures of the relevant banks.

Refunds for tickets issued as a company invoice are made after the invoice refund process is completed. You can send your refund invoice to our accounting department via e-mail address.

Can I perform the cancellation-refund process of my ticket from your call centre other than the online cancellation option?

All ticket-related refund-cancelations transactions can be made in accordance with airline rules. 

You can get help from our support line at 444 87 87 or +90850 737 8 737 for your refund-cancellation processes.

Refunds will not be granted for the "Ticketing Service Fee" that is charged during the ticketing process for the provision of services. 

When making refund transactions via the Call Centre, a transaction fee of TRY 100 for domestic flights and TRY 600 for international flights will be deducted. 

If you cancel your ticket using the "Ticket Cancellation" tab on the homepage at, there will be no deduction for the transaction fee.